Checkers Drive-Thru Restaurants

Checkers Drive-Thru Restaurant is a well designed and innovative approach to the drive-thru fast food building. The contemporary "Art Deco Diner" architecture of stainless steel, neon and ceramic tile covers a high-tech modular building skeleton and integrated kitchen equipment layout. The building was developed entirely on CAD resulting in manufacturing cost savings and close modular construction tolerances. The building is transportable with minor assembly required on site and designed to be relocated if necessary.

Bay Area Retinal Consultants

The Bay Area Retinal Consultants facility is a 4,500 sq. ft. outpatient medical building located in Clearwater, Florida in a medical community. The project uses an idea of light and glass as a metaphor for seeing. Various types of glass in both transparent and translucent form occur in the scheme: sandblasted glass at the entry, glass block at the street elevation, green tinted glass at the gable ends and milk white glass barrel vaults at the circulation core.

Monin Inc., Office And Manufacturing Facility

The Monin Inc. office and manufacturing facility is a 35,000 sq. ft. project for the United States Division of the Monin company headquartered in Bourges, France. Monin manufactures flavored syrups for the hospitality industry and has been a family owned business for three generations.